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Uma & Devan Namaste!: Season 1 (Intro)

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Season 1

Release year: 2019

Uma & Devan Namaste! explores the daily lives of Indian-American brother sister duo, Uma and Devan, as they balance the ups and downs of growing up in the U.S. while staying true to their Indian heritage.

Camp Chaos

11 mins

When the family decides to go camping, everyone has a different idea of what their vacation should be.

Fish out of Water

11 mins

Uma secretly teaches her grandfather how to swim. Grandpa will learn swimming or not?

Yoga to Go

11 mins

Uma struggles with the stress of a bottle drive, while Devan struggles with limits to his athletic ability, but both find solutions through yoga from their grandparents


11 mins

When Dadu takes on the role of baseball coach, and Uma has her father judge the fashion show, the result is a new game where all of the activities combine.

Pet Peeves

11 mins

When Uma and Devan take on the responsibility of a new puppy, they find that they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Like the Bike

11 mins

In a neighborhood bicycle rodeo, Devan gets help from his uncle to master the art of bike riding.


11 mins

Uma must resist taking over Devan’s new enterprise of selling lemonade until he finally asks for help.

The Spice is Right

11 mins

Uma and Devan exchange recipes with their friends only to create a series of fusion dishes that everyone is nervous to taste.

Raga Saga

11 mins

In an upcoming talent show, Uma wanting to sing a song she wrote struggles with stage fright, while Devan and his best friend fight over their comedy act.

Sibling Switch

11 mins

After an argument, Uma and Devan experiment with what life would be like is they had different siblings.

Treasures in the Dark

11 mins

After finding a trunk full of memorabilia, Uma and Devan act out a memory of how their grandparents met.

Dr. Uma and Dr. Devan

11 mins

Uma and Devan attempt to nurse their flu-ridden grandpa back to health with painful results.

Best Present Ever

11 mins

Uma and Devan compete to give their Mom the better present, building up as grandparents get involved.

Uma Star

11 mins

Uma is chosen to be in a TV commercial and the whole family is in on it.

Devan’s Hole in One

11 mins

Devan sets up his own elaborate mini-golf course in the backyard.

Can’t Beat the Bhangara

11 mins

Mamu teaches Devan the art of rhythm, so he can perform in a dance show with Cindy.

Rakhi Road

11 mins

In the traditional festival, Uma and Devan trade bracelets called Rakhi, in which the brother promises to protect the sister. Devan annoys Uma with his over protection and hyper awareness of safety.


11 mins

When Diwali and Halloween happen around the same time, Uma is concerned that her Diwali activities will be overshadowed by the excitement of Halloween.

Devan the Destroyer

11 mins

Devan takes up wrestling but finds his new personality a little too big for everyone else.

The Sprain Games

11 mins

When Devan sprains his ankle, he learns to adapt to his temporary disability.

Mamu Mahal

11 mins

Uma, Devan and Mamu build a bed sheet fort that would rival the Taj Mahal.


11 mins

Devan sets up his own Olympics with his own set of rules that are not so easy to follow.

Holi Moli

11 mins

Devan enters a popsicle bridge competition while Uma and friends celebrate Holi Festival by throwing colors everywhere, including Devan’s creation.

Devan’s Dental Adventures

11 mins

Trying to follow both the Indian tradition and the tooth fairy tradition, Devan’s lost tooth is carried away by Uma’s kite.

Crazy Cousin Brother

11 mins

A young visitor from India brings chaos into the lives of both Uma and Devan.