About Uma & Devan Namaste!

Uma & Devan Namaste! is an animated preschool children’s series that explores the daily lives of an Indian-American sister and brother, Uma and Devan, as they balance the ups and downs of growing up in the U.S. and staying true to their Indian heritage.

Namaste,a respectful greeting meaning “I bow to you,” conveys a message that recognizes and emphasizes the good in each individual – which is a central focus of the series.¬†Uma and Devan navigate their world with an inquisitive eye, respect for all cultures, and a lot of intentional and unintentional physical comedy. Helping them along the way is their loving family — Mom, Dad, and their real partners in play, their grandparents Dadu and Dadi and their uncle Mamu.

Uma and Devan Namaste! explores the wonders of childhood through the eyes of Uma and Devan as they navigate their multicultural world – learning, playing and conquering obstacles together. Childhood is a fun, imaginative experience, often presenting many challenges to overcome. Each episode highlights a key lesson as well as an aspect of Indian culture, as the children learn about themselves and the world around them.