What Viewers are Saying

Love this! Can’t wait to watch with my niece and nephew! They will love seeing people that look like them in cartoons. Well done!!

Very cool to have something representative for more kiddos to watch and see themselves in.

It’s a great show! Love Dadu and Dadi! The cricket and yoga episodes were so funny!

I wanted to tell you how much my family and I enjoy Uma and Devan Namaste! Thank you for creating a series that relates so well to us.

It’s the perfect preschool show! So adorable and well done and fun and creative!

Love Dadu, Dadi and the kids. This is going to be the cornerstone of programming with inclusion for preschoolers and beyond. Beautiful, engaging storytelling.

I watched the first two episodes and loved it!!! I keep singing the theme song 🙂

This is amazing; much needed too.

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